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Booooooored? 9 more NO RISK choices!

By Rediff Get Ahead
March 20, 2020 13:42 IST

Whadya gonna do then?
Some more options for you, folks!

Yesterday, we gave you 10 options if you were one of the millions across India tied down at home by the COVID-19 panic.

Here are 9 more options folks if you're boooooored!

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1. Play a game/s

Get your unusually-more bickering parents or idiotic sibling to play a fun game.

How about a round of Monopoly? Uno?

Saanp-seedi... more desi! Snakes and ladders, duh!

HOT88热竞技For an extra twist, make it a drinking game (if you're the right age)! Get a little tipsy with your folks. It's a rite of passage.


2. Clean your phone

No, not with sanitiser. Sigh.

Delete all the unwanted people and relatives who once sneaked up on you and you blocked them.

HOT88热竞技Delete those annoying videos, good morning messages and Happy Sundae you get spammed with on WhatsApp in your 'Happy Family' group.

HOT88热竞技And the COVID-19 jokes and bulletins that are reproducing on your phone faster than the damn virus.

HOT88热竞技This should keep you busy for a week!


3. Netflix or TV binging (Ten times what you already are)

Go on a Netflix super-duper spree.

You will never get tired watching Sheldon and friends argue on The Big Bang Theory . Or predict what trouble is in store for Joey in Friends.

Or you could simply mimic Shah Rukh Khan when he goes palat palat... while watching Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge for... the 99th time, maybe?

Feeling like you are in a real-life Big Boss challenge, watch old Big Boss shows and take tips.

If you don't have a current favourite, start a new show!


4. Phone your parents

HOT88热竞技This is never a bad idea. Parents have the best gossip. And sometimes the most ridiculous advice. Or things they suggest you do that will help you forget what your real problems are.

Or want to analyse something seriously false stuff they read/saw on WhatsApp.

HOT88热竞技For once, let them speak. Don't interrupt. Be the good listener. Amen.


5. Sing with your neighbours! La-la-la!

While Italy is living through a horrid lockdown, neighbours are gathering on their balconies -- er respectiveHOT88热竞技 balconies -- to sing songs and lighten up the mood. Some are doing musical balcony flash mobs.

Do not expect this in India. But no harm in trying!

HOT88热竞技And if people lock their windows after listening to you singing (er, croaking), you can use the opportunity to water your dying plants.

HOT88热竞技If you can't sing, play an instrument. Better yet, learn to play a new instrument. A nasty one like the drums or the bagpipes (don't e-mail us asking where you can get it online. We don't know) or a vuvuzella (don't e-mail us asking what that is. We don't know either).

Master Twinkle Twinkle Little StarHOT88热竞技 on it by playing it 55 times That might actually make your neighbours mad though. Lol.


6. Try making a homemade sanitiser

Let's admit it: You can NEVER win a Nobel in chemistry.

But you can always spend your days mixing aloevera and alcohol/spirit (in the right proportions as per the WHO site) and adding some groovy fragrance oil and storing them in pretty little bottles in a row.

HOT88热竞技You never know when they might come in handy... :D


7. Listen to reruns of Mann ki Baat

If you really have nothing better to do, search for Mann Ki BaatHOT88热竞技 episodes online.

Maybe it will induce a bit of sleep. But you can hope it will inspire you to be more productive.

HOT88热竞技And, hey, don't tweet any thoughts on the speeches if you know what's good for you.


8. Make a new (another) Instagram account

You can create one for your pet snake. Or your grandma/grandpa. Or your cactus.

HOT88热竞技Otherwise simply post the things you did (or did not do) while you were at home. And the finest snaps of your sanitiser collection.

If you want, you can even create a #finsta and post all those memes you've got saved or rant about COVID-19.


9. Sleep!

HOT88热竞技This is one is, easily, the best of the list.

If you are too lazy for any or maybe all of the above, just snuggle up and catch up on much-needed sleep.


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